That '60s Wedding Dress (Winterized)

a wedding dress plays dress-up in a winter wonderland

I love that Astrid wore her rubber boots!

As always, Grace had to get into the picture. I dig how Astrid arches back in this shot.

Astrid wanted to use old picture frames in the shoot - so glad she did!

Once again, Astrid (my muse) modeled a photoshoot for me. I have in my possession, a gorgeous 1960s vintage wedding dress that was in need of an artistic blowout. Enter Astrid & her fabulous out-in-the-country abode. I am ever so appreciative of Astrid & her family for allowing me to use their home as my creative playground, and for being such a big part of my creative process. 

Model & Creative Partner Credit: Astrid of aGirlNamedAstrid.blogspot.com & major props to Michele for her input!
Update: thank-you SoFawned.com for linking to this post on your fabulous Fawned Friday!

Note: all photographs are copyright Caren Adams. Please do not use without consent.

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