Thursday Thriftshop Therapy: Colourful Coincidence!

Today's Thriftshop Therapy session is brought to you by a Colourful Coincidence! 

I was having a very productive day, including a lovely sunny walk with Grace, my  neighbhour & her sleepy baby girl - so decided to pop over to the local Sally Ann to continue the good vibes.  I picked up a few little happy things for myself, and when I brought them home & had them stacked on top of one another, I realized they were happily connected in their colours! I love when that happens:

What is in the pile?
  • 3 vintage plastic brightly coloured hangers (my favourite kind)
  • a gold-tone vintage heart pendant
  • a baublicious turquoise necklace
  • 2 vintage childrens books - 1979's 'The Green Man' & 1980's 'A Family For Minerva'
  • a fabulous Fab tray (which I collect & now have 5!)
Total amount spent? $3.00

Colour coincidence? Timeless!

~colourful caren


  1. That is a cheery $3 thrifty stack!
    Thanks for taking a look at HousePet today fellow deedee9:14 winner. I just added your Etsy shop to my favorites. I've been on the computer all day for work so when I get some fresh eyes I'll take a better tour of buttercupped. Nice to "blog-meet" you!!


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