Tuesday is for Etsy: Honey in my Coffee

I like honey in my coffee...
(another serving of Tuesday is for Etsy @ Buttercupped):

Clockwise from top-left:
Top Row:
Coffee and Pancakes (Watercolour Collage Print) by Stephanie Levy - SOLD
Middle Row:
Black as Hell (Letterpress Print) by Jackson Creek Press
Vintage Wood Rooster (Aarikka Finland) by Blue Flower Vintage - SOLD

Bottom Row:
His & Hers Mugs by Joy Elizabeth Vintage

How do you like your coffee?

Note: Etsy.com is an online community of sellers & buyers of all things handmade & vintage. The 'Tuesday is for Etsy' posts are a way for me to spread the joy/love I have for Etsy artisans & vintage sellers. I am also an Etsy vintage seller: The Vintage Apartment


  1. French press, little cream, little sug ^_^

  2. Thanks for including my teapot! French press and cream and more cream!

  3. I, too, have love for my French press; am hoping to start using the (very) vintage stovetop espresso maker my dad used to use (long before I knew the joys of coffee). It's so pretty; copper! I just haven't a clue as to how to use it...

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!
    May the coffee force be with you!

  4. happy to have found and be following your blog! and thank you for sharing these wonderful etsy items. so many beautiful things! i'm off to try honey in my coffee this morning. best wishes:)
    xoxo, juliette


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