Tuesday is for Etsy: Romancing the Lens

Tuesday is for Etsy is dedicated to the beauty of the camera. Romancing the Lens:


In no particular order:
My very own Vintage Rainbow SX70 Polaroid OneStep! (via Mother Midnight)

For further searching on Etsy.com for vintage camera & camera-related art: Click Here!
I also find myself visiting Camerapedia.org to find out more about certain vintage cameras.

I ♥ cameras. Vintage ones the best. I am lucky enough to have had a dad who was a voracious camera collector. I was able to keep 3: Diana (toy camera), Brownie (my mom's first camera) & Pentax (my dad bought in 1980 & is my favourite).  I only wish I could find his beautiful original Polaroid Land SX70 (the folding one lined in leather). Oh, how I loved that camera!

I keep meaning to take my old Pentax SLR out for a spin, but find the ease of digital to win me over every time I leave the home.  One day, though, I will buy film & kick it old school!


  1. i can't tell you how awesome it is to have these glasses featured amongst vintage cameras, my other passion (i will not exclam myself to death)!
    thank you, and thanks also for the camerapedia reference ;)

  2. Those glasses are great!
    A wonderful collection, I am obsessed with cameras.

  3. I just had to say, congrats on your purchase of the polaroid! Are you planning to invest in some film? If you do, please post about how things turn out! :)
    Thanks again for including me.

  4. bibbys - You're welcome! Camerapedia is such a wealth of information; I get lost in the info & clicking on all the links. :)

    cassia - those glasses are da bomb, aren't they? Love your photography!

    sue - I do hope to get me some SX70 film so I can do some artsy stuff with my pretty polaroid; will keep sourcing til I find s good deal (or hopefully thrift myself some at yard sales this summer!) :)


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