Tuesday is for Etsy: Vintage Office Inspiration

Tuesday is for Etsy: focus is on Vintage Office/Studio Inspiration:

Last week, I focused on the fabulous art to be found on Etsy, so this Tuesday it's all about vintage (and restoration/upcycling a la Half Pint Salvage & le Vintage Maison). These particular finds reflect what my own studio/office space will (hopefully) resemble when I'm finished!

My current collection of Fab vintage trays = 5! It will be the main art on the walls. The walls are a bright ice blue. The accent colour throughout my office is orange. I am a comic book geek, so shall display a Batman figurine (or 3). I've got some vintage metal file boxes & cabinets. I even have a mid century orange mushroom lamp. I just need the right desks, and away we go! :)

My current Etsy Treasury follows this idea, and shares some of the same items listed above.  The Treasury is called 'What's on your Vintage Desk?' (now expired).

Are you trying to organize your own home? Do you have a home office/studio that is in desperate need of an overhaul? Share your stories! We all need a little inspiration... 


  1. I love all of the vintage office pieces you featured, and thanks so much for including us :) Your office space sounds really cool - definitely post pictures when it's finished!

  2. I want my office to look exactly like this. Exactly!

  3. oh i remember light brite.. so much fun. for years and years we would still find random lighe brite pegs in random places around my parent's place!

  4. Harlow - thanks! I ♥ that faux bois porta-file; would look so good on my new (old) desk! :)

    Half Pint - ditto! (p.s. so happy that your turquoise repurposed chalkboard sold!)

    Cabin - lite brite fun! I kind of want one in my life again... use it to write inspirational words (which are even better when lit up!)


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