Buttercupped Presents: a sunny Giveaway!

To celebrate reaching 50 Followers on my sweet little blog, I decided to host an equally sweet little giveaway. The fact that it is also Earth Day gave me further incentive to make this an eco-chic giveaway!

These are all beloved pieces from my own collection! What better way to remain eco-conscious than to Recycle Reduce & Reuse? These lovely vintage pieces are all oh so very buttercuppery!

Included in this Sunshine Giveaway are:

  1. vintage handmade apron featuring yellow & paisley & a pretty scallop edge
  2. vintage yellow beaded plastic purse (made in Italy)
  3. vintage yellow polkadot scarf
  4. vintage milk glass mug by Termocnsa (featuring a yellow Holly Hobby-esque character, dog & cat)

Here I am modeling all of the goodies in this Giveaway!

the vintage yellow & paisley scallop edged apron

the vintage milk glass mug featuring a girl & her cat & dog

the mug, the purse & the scarf - they like to hang out together!

a close-up of all 4 goodies - just look at all that pattern & texture & sunny yellow!

How to Enter the Sunshine Giveaway (open world-wide!):

  1. Leave a comment, letting me know what makes you smile! Is it a kiss, a colour, a song ... ?
  2. For a bonus entry, Tweet about this giveaway! I like bonus entries. Just make sure your tweet includes @buttercupcaren and link back to this page (here's a link to use: http://bit.ly/buttercuppedGA) - leave a separate comment letting me know you tweeted about it. :)
Please make sure there's a way to contact you - whether by email, twitter, or your own blog. :)
Contest starts today (April 22nd) and ends Wednesday April 28th!
Good luck!
UPDATE: Contest has ended & winner to be announced!


  1. Congrats on 50 followers Caren!! I just checked and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't one of them. What?! I was always wondering why your posts weren't coming up on my Google Reader. I thought for sure I had followed already. D'oh!

    As for what makes me smile; I think you might know. It starts with a G and ends with an eorgia (I was going to say starts with a G and ends with an eorgie - but that very wrong).

  2. Oh my! What a gorgeous collection, how very generous of you!

    What makes me smile? Too many things to fit in one comment! But..if I must narrow it down I'd have to say: my witty, wise husband; my two always hilarious mini-dachshunds; food glorious food; sunshine and Stevie Nicks!

  3. Congratulations on 50!!!!!. What makes me smile --- there are so many things -- so in all I am a very lucky individual. I would say the top five list of current events that make me smile are:

    (1)When the other two attorneys in my office bicker with each other (they are sisters)

    (2) When I see Lilly -- who is a soon to be eight month rottie who is larger than my parent's full grown rottie and she encompasses, love and trust and goofiness

    (3) On Wednesday I was representing a victim of domestic violence and through prosecution and gathering the appropriate evidence and filing the appropriate motions and make the right arguments he was sentenced to a year in jail, I had been representing her for months, and even though on that day I have six other cases going on in family court I kept rushing back to criminal county court to sit at her side while she was waiting to testify and at the end of the day when he was sentenced to a year in jail and for the immediate time being it was all over -- she was crying and she hugged me and she thanked me for making her feel safe again --- knowing that I helped her in what small way I did made me smile.

    (4) when a new episode of Glee comes on the tv and my sister and I are sharing in the experience together

    (5) Knowing that I am loved and cared for and knowing and caring and loving others in return

    e-mail: kfreego@yahoo.com

  4. Oh gosh so many things make me smile! Books, movies, romantic things, songs, friends, family, so much! Usually cute or hilarious things that people say to me. Love it all :) You'll usually see me with a huge smile plastered on my face, especially if I'm talking to a friend or family member. Gosh, they are so hilarious!


  5. I forgot to say what makes me smile, so I'll do so now (After reading your lovely responses)!
    Waking up to puppydog snuggles & wiggles, anytime I see chickadees & chipmunks, my cat hippityhopping & cupcakes! :)

  6. A few things that make me smile... my mister, driving through the mountains at sunset, estate sales, volunteering, a good haircut, weekend road trips, chasing down the ice cream truck, vintage ANYTHING and the anticipation of *finally* buying our first home. :)


  7. My 6-year old's ranting, "I only like rock star and superhero flowers. I hate cute flowers." I've been smiling about that for the past week!

  8. My vote goes to the 6-year old's ranting lol it has put a smile on my face ever since I read it. :-)

  9. Congrats on 50.....but now I just made put you at 61 :)

    What makes me smile is my cat Toulouse. He's a 5 year old himalayan that my friends rescued off the streets a few years back. (Can you believe it?!) He's full of sass, cuteness, and fur. I'm already one of those crazy cat ladies...I probably have over 1,000 pictures of him!

  10. ...and tweeted! http://twitter.com/RustBeltThreads/status/12951948824

  11. Congrats on reaching your milestone! : )

    Smile at the moment for;
    Moving cross country, will be closer to all my sisters : ), my girls putting on "dance parties" their version of plays : ) and for finally figuring out how to turn my patterns into pdf files! : )

  12. hi! this is such a pretty giveaway! congrats on 50 followers :) i like your blog, i'll be back!



  13. My daughters make me smile! They are my sunshine lately. I love the items and the blog. Such a nice giveaway!

    Twitter: MaryMays
    Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/redhot66


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