Day Trippers

Grace & I went on a day trip excursion yesterday. Hopped over to Marmora, where there's a lovely little leash free dog park, something my own (sometimes backwards) city doesn't have. It's worth the drive, just to see Grace run free with no worries about dog police! We also stopped at a somewhat run-down but retro-cool motel, where I did a mini photoshoot & spoke to the owner (who had hoped I was interested in buying the place).

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I brought my Diana camera with me & took some shots with it, too. The top left photo in the above collage shows her sitting on the hood of my car. I'm already addicted, and haven't even finished one film yet! I may need more toy cameras in my life.


  1. I really want to get a Diana camera ! It looked like such a pretty day for picture taking !

  2. I never realized how much fun using the Diana could be. I've had this sweet camera in my possession for many years (it was my dad's), but never had the gumption to pick it up and try. Silly me! I'm hooked. :)

  3. Grace is so cute! She looks an awful lot like my parents' dog, Ginger. I love the photo you took of the motel sign, with the tree and skies behind it. Very Twin Peaks.

  4. Hi Caren! love your blog...Has facebook lost you to blogging now?! Love the photo of Grace, Katie misses her. Hope you're well and would love to see you sometime!


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