The Diana Scavenger Hunt

I decided I needed some creative inspiration.
I was lucky enough to randomly find Rose Eckford's blog R's Adventures - and a whole lot of Diana love. She hosts a Diana Scavenger Hunt. And I dove right in!

I have had my father's old Diana camera for a very long time. I never used it, though, as it was pretty foreign territory. Joyfully, I decided to finally use it! And I used it to take part in the Scavenger Hunt.
The learning curve is going to be bigger than I thought. It's a plastic toy camera. I thought I'd just point & shoot. Ah, but no! There is more to it than that. And I cannot wait to learn it all!
My particular Diana is from the '70s. She's kind of banged up & has some parts missing. She also, as shown in all these photos, has a big light leak in the form of a pink streak. And I have no problem with it!

Photos/Scavenger Hunt: Clockwise from top left:
  1. Something starting with the letter T - Toy robot
  2. Morning Hair - my goddaughter Astrid in the morning (wearing a vintage cape)
  3. Something sweet (and a Furry creature) - my goddaughter Astrid (sweet) and my pup Grace (furry).
  4. Look down - I saw Grace
  5. Circles - I ended up creating this circle gathering, so it wasn't really "scavenged"
  6. Clouds - yup, that's a cloud!
  7. a Number - the number 9, on a motel door
  8. Something blue - blue sky, blue motel sign
  9. Self Portait (and Something Sparkly) - that is me! Plus, there is a little sparkle from the sun
  10. Look up - I put art in the sky & looked up (art by LuckyJackson)
You can view them all on my Flickr's Scavenger Set.
Dianafully yours.

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  1. these are gorgeous! can't wait to share them with everyone. thanks for playing along!x


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