Earth Day in Colour

It's simple.
It's Earth Day.
{Which should be Every Day}
Celebrate by taking a walk outside and noticing all that surrounds you.
It doesn't matter if you live in the middle of farm country or in the most urban of cities. There is something growing around you, whether it be a blade of grass, a house sparrow or a giant oak tree.

thought of the day:  don't get caught up in the 'Green' movement and 'Green' products. just be a little more conscious of how your actions affect those around you. a simple kindness, whether to a fellow human or to a patch of wilderness, can multiply into a thousand kindnesses. 

action of the day: do you see a take-out coffee cup or an empty can of pop lying in the street or along the path? pick it up & recycle it (if you live somewhere that doesn't recycle, then put it in a garbage receptacle). every small action can add up to global awareness.

thoughtfully yours,

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