Friday is For: Vintage Owl Necklaces!

my new (large) vintage owl pendant!

I wore her with my Audrey Hepburn tshirt (ok, you can't tell it's Audrey but it is - image from Breakfast at Tiffany's)

I got this delightfully large vintage owl necklace from vintage etsy shop Harlow~Monroe Vintage. I won a gift certificate from both her & Hinterland Vintage back in December (I was pretty gleeful about that, as it was my first time winning something so grand!). When I saw this owl necklace at Harlow~Monroe, I knew it was meant to be mine, all mine!

To further the owl pendant goodness, there is a vintage Etsy shop dedicated to only owls. The Owl Lady! Here's two of her large owl pendants:

What an owlful Friday!


  1. Thanks for featuring my shop & 2 of my favorite owls!

  2. I'm so happy you love the necklace! It looks really cute on you :) Thank you very much for posting photos & the feature!


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