Happy Monday: a Lovely Day

I spent Easter Sunday with my dear friends-that-are-family. first was an impromptu yard sale visit on the way to their place (score!). when I arrived, we ate chocolate & cinnamon buns & tea. then we went on an adventure through their little forest. in a word, it was Lovely.

look at the rows of pretty vintage mugs!

fresh homebaked cinnamon buns? yes, please!

a walk through the enchanted woods

the little forest treasures I brought home with me

one very pooped pooch post-visit

My Monday (today) will be a quiet one, but left in my memory are all the little sweet moments I found on Easter Sunday with Astrid & her family. Our shared love of vintage, of art & design, of tea & sweet things, and above all, love. 
I hope a little bit of loveliness enters your day!
p.s. I'll share the happy-memory treasure I scored at the above mentioned impromptu yard sale visit in a later post. Update: Here it is!


  1. Caren, So nice to read about your lovely day with Astrid and Michele! I love your photos and your delicious story that sounds so happy and full of love! Astrid has spoken often of you and I see your photos and that of Grace on Facebook and want to congrat you on a lovely blog with such heartwarming treasures of moments of joy.
    I hope to read more!
    Michele's sister, Jenny

  2. Wow! Is this trip real? I'm so jealous of your Easter getaway--great post.


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