I ♥ My Diana Camera

This is a post for ♥ Much Love Monday .
♥ my Diana camera.
This is a photo from the first roll of film I ever developed from my vintage Diana. I just picked up my film today - making this an extra Happy Monday! And I'm already in love.
(photo is of my goddaughter Astrid in a vintage cape that was given to me by Desiree of SoFawned.com)
Basically, this photo represents a lot of love.
p.s. I cheated and Photoshopped a chartreuse heart onto my photo.


  1. Oh man. I can't WAIT to try out my Diana -- and yay for cape love!!

  2. I have SO much to learn about lomography ... it's a whole new world. A world I must admit I love. I have film loaded into all my old school cameras now. And spending too much money on doing so! hehehe.


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