Neighbour Friend Birthday

Happy Birthday Desiree Fawn (pictured with her camera & her little fawn)

I just got my desktop back & plugged in, and am going through my photos. I came across these, which I took during a little photo outing my lovely neighbour and I went on a little while ago.
Perfect timing, too, because it's Desiree's birthday today!
Pop on over to SoFawned.com to wish Desiree a happy birthday or just to visit her beautiful blog. :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE these photos!!
    Thank you Caren!
    (ps. totally stealing one for facebook -- will credit ^_^)

  2. Happy-Happy you like these shots! Happy-still that you want to share on Facebook. :)
    All that with extra happy birthday sprinkles! :)


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