Saturday is for... Diana + Pentax = Love!

I'm becoming reacquainted with my dear old analogue cameras: both were my dad's. The Pentax ME SLR (circa 1970s) was my go-to camera for many years, until digital came along and took over with its instant-gratification qualities. The sweet old Diana No. 151 (circa 1960s) has seen better days, but I love her anyways and finally am playing with her.

The Diana is a bit of a flirt. She ended up getting fresh with Mr. Pentax. 

I gathered the following Pentax-related Etsy finds:

{Etsy.com source} from top left: Click | Honeywell Pentax | Take a Picture. | Zoom

I realize that many of my recent posts have been camera-related. I can't help it - I'm re-embracing my love of old technology. I've never owned a cell phone or an iPod or any other cute little pieces of modern technology ... and now I'm finding myself falling in love with what-used-to-be instead of whats-hot-now.  The only issue? Film & film processing can be expensive!
Next up will be playing with my beautiful rainbow Polaroid One-Step SX70. I recently bought film from Impossible Project ... anxiously awaiting its delivery.

This rediscovery of mine has already led to such wonderful inspiration. I'm going back to who I was, and kind of lost somewhere along the way, and that is a creative artist.
Kicking it old-school,

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