Saturday is for... Pottery!

I do enjoy pretty pottery pieces (and alliteration!).
Here's a smattering of a few favourite ceramic artists I visit on Etsy:

Kim Westad's Sweet Peas are the sweetest!
(I have 3 of these pretties - 1 each yellow, orange & green)

Stepanka Ceramics's Wall Pillows & Wall Cloud Pillows (SOLD) are so dreamy!

Fruit Fly Pie makes the grooviest owl planters!

I have a little collection of new & vintage pottery pieces. Vases, little bowls, creamer & sugar sets, figurines ... I may have more of a thing for ceramic art than I previously thought. Does this mean I collect pottery? Well then, I better add to my collection! :)


  1. Lovely collection! I would someday love to own a Stepanka piece! :)

  2. I want a Stepanka, too! Her wall pillows make me smile. :)

  3. ow,
    your blog is so incredibly wonderful.
    i just adore the owls in this post!
    There are so many colours splashed throughout the page!
    love it.

    thankyou for sharing the inspiration!


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