Thursday Thriftshop Therapy: Stitch by Stitch

I came across the Stitch by Stitch subscription series that was popular in the '70s & early '80s whilst thrift shopping a bit ago. I couldn't resist their oh so shall-we-say-cheesy photo spreads!

Thing is, when I took the time to actually peruse them (just today) I noticed what invaluable information was stored within these vintage pages! As luck would have it, I have Part 1 of the series, which has all the beginning how-to's for crocheting, knitting & sewing. Not only that, but to my delight, it is an untouched copy with the original wrap skirt pattern included!

I cannot wait to try out some of these how-to's & make that wrap skirt, too. Well, as soon as I finish my studio/office space (which at the pace I'm going at it, will be about 2 weeks away).

In stitches,

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