To the Bakery We Go!

Grace & I took a stroll to the local bakery, East City Bakery to be exact. We took our time getting there; I stopped often to watch birds make their nests & take photos along the way. Loved how someone spraypainted the stop sign with 'hammer time'! It is the most scrumptious day out today... and the bakery smelled soooo good (wish I could share the scent of fresh baked cinnamon rolls with you). I brought along the market bag I made out of vintage material (such happy fabric!) to fill with baguettes. The operation was a success!

It's my first trip to the bakery since I incorporated gluten-free baking into my life. I know my family will enjoy these bad boys on Good Friday! :)

I hope you, too, get to enjoy some fresh baked goods (gluten-free or otherwise) this Easter! yum!


  1. Jealous of your walk to the bakery - we used to have one in London that we could walk to (pre-gf days for Callum). Such a treat. How is the new-ish owner doing at East City Bakery? I grew up on their sugar cookies and cinnamon bread - sigh, to be a child again. I loved peering in the windows and watching them work away behind the counter. Thanks for reminding me of good memories!

  2. What happy childhood memories! And here you are today, baking yummy (gluten-free) treats!

    I think the new owner is doing pretty good - same staff, same cookies & such - just a shiny new sign! Smells just as good, too. I figure, if anything, they're doing better now that there's more signage out front! :)

  3. Mmm don't you love living just a few block from the bakery?? It's such a fantastic walk. I usually go went we drop off rent to the landlord since her ma is right next door :) Very convenient!

    Also, I totally blogged about that sign last August!! http://www.sofawned.com/2009/08/hammer-time.html


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