Tuesday is for Etsy: To be a Kid Again!

Ah, to be a kid again! This is my focus for today's Tuesday is for Etsy...

Above Etsy items & their perspective Etsy shops, in no particular order:

For me, being a kid was all about COLOUR (the Golden Books' Color Kittens was a favourite of mine). Then there were puppies & kittens (all dogs being boys, and cats being girls - of course!), and learning my ABCs & 123s.  Lego was always the go-to playtime, and let's not forget about those awesome '80s cartoons! I had a thing for DC & Marvel comic book heroes (I loved the Wonder Woman TV show)! Toss in a stuffed animal, and we're ready to go.
I still like all this kid stuff (colour, kittens & comic books!). What about you?


  1. I love all these colors- they just make me smile
    I'm following you on twitter too.



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