blog love: A Collection a Day

A Collection a Day (http://collectionaday2010.blogspot.com/) is a favourite stop in my daily blog visits. Everything about this blog satisfies my need for, a) design, b) little things, c) art, d) community

Lisa Congdon is a San Fransisco based artist (http://lisacongdon.com/) who decided to start the blog as a way to document her collections (and her passion for collecting). I find it to be a fabulous way to create community, because of how we the visitor can interact by sharing our thoughts & emotional responses. I know I end up going down memory lane whilst perusing her posts.

Not only does Lisa take photographs of the small-scale items placed artistically together, but also draws or paints certain pieces (sometimes of only dreamed about collections).

Here's a smattering of these delights (1 from each month):

Yes, this is a 365 day challenge - every single day, a new collection is unveiled (sometimes, one collection is broken up into multiple posts).
If you haven't checked A Collection a Day yet, go and spend some time there now. There's already 142 (as of today) collections to ponder!


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