a day in the life of me

I visited friends the other day, and decided I wanted to be colourful. I threw on my favourite pair of jeans (rolled up 'cause I'm too lazy to hem them) & found a hand-me-down red tunic dress to add that pop of colour I wanted. Topped it off with my favourite turquoise crop sweater.
This led to an impromptu self-portrait session in my backyard (of course!):

I've come to realize most of my photos are taken in my own backyard. I guess I don't get around much, eh? I do tend to hang out there a lot, as it's my favourite place to be. I watch over my gardens, I soak in the sun, I play with Grace & sometimes even have friends over (either human or animal!).
It's also made me realize I like the fact that I spend a lot of time in this little space of the world. I love my little home (it's referred to as the Hobbit Hole), even if it isn't what I pictured as my grown-up home. I don't need much more than I have in my immediate area. Then again, my wanderlust got worn out long before I hit my 30s. I have no desire to travel afar until I hit my 40s (which will be Paris)!

What about you, do you have the wanderlust bug or are you happy being a homebody?


  1. hello hello!

    i am a new follower thanks to chantilly...

    love love love that turquoise and red combo.

    and your pup looks like a distant relative of mine, so instant adoration!

    looking forward to following your blog adventures. :)

  2. Hi Diane (love your blog, btw!)
    Turquoise & red pop oh so delightfully next to one another, indeed!
    Thanks for popping by my little corner. :)


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