Etsy: Front Page via Makes Me Wanna Have Raisins...

The Wild Plum, a spectacular Etsy.com shop dedicated to the finest of Mid Century accouterments, made a delicious Treasury which landed on the front page today. Included in this lovely mix was my vintage amber glassware set:

Here's a peek at the Mid Century raisin lovin' front page of Etsy:

The Wild Plum is run by a lovely woman by the name of Christina. Her shop is one of my favourites, and no wonder! It's filled to the brim with unique home decor and houseware items. Here's a few of my faves:

(is this not adorable to the max?!)

(makes me want to break out my old typewriter!)

(I would put candies in this dish and keep it on my desk for snacking!)

Thanks, Christina, for making an inspired Treasury and giving my little shop a spotlight! I'm doing a little jig right now!
~caren, who ironically has a distaste for raisins ;)

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  1. Caren, you are such a doll. I am not around much but I carry you inside of me. You are someone I wish I could hang around. I am happy that I could shed some light on your wonderful shop.

    Thank YOU for this kind and wonderful blog entry. You made me dance a jig! So we are even!

    Ha! Raisins are interesting. My favorite way to eat them is covered in chocolate. Chocolate makes everything taste better. :)))

    {Big hugs!}



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