Grace in the Garden

I found Grace standing on the old wooden bench, waiting for me to see her. She was staring at me through the wild weeds. Cute!

This is where I often find Grace, sunning herself on a mound of mulch. My little cow.

She wanted to come say hi, so she hopped up on the garden table & sniffed the freshly planted pansies.

These were taken this morning, when Grace felt like being a part of the gardening experience. The morning is best for us to hang outside these days, because the sun isn't as hot and the humidity not quite so strong. I'm slowly doing little things in my garden space, moving plants, planting new ones, removing unwanted growth, etc. It's my favourite thing to do; to tend these living creatures & ensure they offer a healthy environment for the bees & the birds (and my spirit!).

All the while, Grace is there lending a helping paw. Okay, so mostly she just sits and stares and wishes I were tossing a stick for her instead. :)
~the gardening duo, caren & grace!


  1. That Grace is too keyute! She knows you have a blog because she seems to be posing for your pics!

  2. I just love her! If you find she is missing one day...don't ask me where she is! I have no idea...

  3. What a cutie! Nothing like having someone to talk to while you work in the yard.


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