My Book of Pets

Howdy cowboy! Come 'round here often?

I knew this book was destined to be mine when I saw the above image.

My Book of Pets (1961) + my dog (2010) = timeless cuteness!

I love vintage children's books. I love new children's books, too. However, the vintage ones have the most delightful illustrations! I picked up this copy of 'My Book of Pets' just so I could salvage the wonderful images to use as ephemera. Sadly, the book itself is falling apart - well, maybe not sadly 'cause then I can cut it up without feeling pangs of guilt! :)
p.s. the turtle illustration I used in the previous post was from this book.


  1. Love those illustrations! (and love your sweet dog too!)

  2. fun blog-- i love your thrifty finds... i scored at a rummage sale this weekend... visit me tues to see what i found ( :

  3. Love vintage books also!! Special for the illustrations! The second picture is really sweet!


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