My first Polaroid

Here it is! My first-ever Polaroid print!

I bought some Polaroid Artistic TZ (Manipulative) film from the Impossible Project (what darlings!). The amount of glee involved in this act is indescribable.

The 2 pretty little packages arrived a while ago, but I was somewhat hesitant in actually opening one up & inserting into my beautiful Polaroid One Step (rainbow edition), being as I've never used one before.

I finally got over myself today, when I came across all my childhood Fisher Price toys. I immediately knew I wanted my first-ever Polaroid print to be of something from the same era (the '70s, baby!) as the camera itself. For me, this Polaroid has a creepy post-apocalyptic vibe that I totally dig. (doesn't the little girl on the slide look like a Zombie?)

I'm psyched to see what happens with the Polaroid snap after a few hours/days/months. I hear it keeps evolving. Getting more muted & green-tinged. People seem to have issue with this, but I look forward to the possibilities!

I wanted to document the big event, but I was only able to get these two photos before my digital camera's batteries died. Irony? Indeed. Here's the big documentation (sarcasm noted):

It was an exciting start to what I am sure will be a little love affair. I want to learn how to best manipulate the film - both in "painting" it and doing an emulsion lift.

If anyone reading this post has any advice on best conditions for taking a photo using ATZ film, and manipulating it, please leave a comment. I'd be a willing student!
brand new Polaroid Girl,


  1. Thanks! ♥ I can't wait to take more! (will have to take one of your little fawn 'cause she's just oh so Polaroid worthy)

  2. it's wonderful! I love old fisher price toys!

  3. Yea for the Impossible Project for bringing film back! That is SUCH a cute photo Caren!

  4. Congratulations! This photo is so adorable!
    x. eli.


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