my macro garden

Chokecherry shrub (first year it's ever bloomed!)

Pussy-toes (starting to peep through)

Saxifrage (an early spring delight)

I do a walk-about my backyard gardens every day (often 3x daily), just to see what new little sparks of life are popping up. I love to take photos of them through a macro lens.

Right now, I have the above 3 pretties blooming, but also have daffodils, tulips, candytuft, phlox & of course dandelions showing me their true colours. The serviceberry tree has already lost its blooms whilst starting to create red juicy berries for the birds to dive into this month.

What's coming up in your garden that makes you smile?


  1. My bleeding hearts, of course ^_^
    And some purple stuff in the front yard... you'll have to come over & tell me what it is!

  2. I noticed lots of purple salvia growing - awesome groundcover & they feed hummingbirds & butterflies. ah, sweet nectar! :)
    p.s. I heart your bleeding hearts! (another hummingbird fav)


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