She Preferred the Company of Books

This is The Vintage Apartment's newest Etsy Treasury. It is entitled 'She preferred the company of books'. Inspired by my love of books & the need for solitude, sometimes.  We all need a little quiet time, and for me it usually includes a book.

This style of Treasury is new to me. Etsy.com created a new Treasury - called Treasury East for us to 'curate' our little galleries. The old style of Treasury expired after 2-3 days, but the new ones never expire! Which means, we the 'curator' can just evolve them as time goes by or delete them if they are no longer relevant. We also get 16 items to showcase all at once in lieu of just 12 (with 4 alternates). I wasn't sure I liked this new style of Treasury ... but I admit I like the simplicity & ease of use with this new method! It allowed me to be as creative as I wanted to be, without the tedious waiting that was the pitfall of the earlier Treasuries.

All of that is mumbojumbo to those of you who do not use Etsy. I apologize if I made your eyes glaze over!

Whether you are a member of Etsy or not, visit 'She preferred the company of books'. It's a quiet place, and we all need those every once in a while. :)

~caren, who sometimes does prefer the company of books

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  1. I love your treasury. I was excited about treasury east too. I liked not having to sit around waiting for enough to expire :)


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