suddenly the rain came

I was outside in my gardens when a few spots of rain started to fall. I enjoyed their friendly little drip drops while I did a walk about.

Then, suddenly, those little drippy drops turned into a full blown heavy duty rain fall! I love the look & feel of a good solid pouring down. I took a quick shot or two of the rain falling hard on the street & how the pansies looked somehow happier than usual.

Even though I'm home feeling sick and sorta blue, this out-of-the-blue rain fall made my heart go hippity-hop.
Do you love a sudden rain fall, too?


  1. yes i do love the sudden fall of rain! love how you captured the moment.

  2. i love that kind of rain! i always open my patio door to hear and smell it :)

  3. Karen & I were in Winners when this happened, but I saw your post on Twitter and called Ryan to say EEEK! PUT THE CHARIOT INSIDE ^_^

  4. yes i do. only because love my galoshes so much!

  5. I love rain! And I love it if I'm staying in doors. Then I get to cuddle and take a nap :) That's the best.

  6. all of the rain lovers, unite! (I picture us all with umbrellas in hand & rubber boots on feet, striking a pose in unison)


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