Sunday Smile: Cats on Roller Skates

Cats on roller skates make me smile.
I want to take my cat Strongpaw out for a roller skating stroll {I have a deathwish, obviously}
Perhaps I'll just stick with getting roller skates for myself? yes, please!

Happy Mother's Day to you, whether you are a mom to children or (like me) to fur babies! 

May your day be sprinkled with extra love.

I send a Sunday Smile to my mom, who is the most loveliest of souls. Extra sprinkles of love to you!


  1. Caren, now you made me smile, :D - see? Thank you for including my darling cat on your blog! Have a great mother's day! /Carolina

  2. Well THAT print is just amazing!!

  3. I love this illustration. I think my daughter would simply adore going skating with her tortie.


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