Sunday Smile: Cakes and Ale

I love old trashy novel cover art. Don't you?

I love the fact that the one title is 'Cakes and Ale' (first published in 1930! This is the 1970 version) by W. Somerset Maugham (what a great name!). I might have to read this one, even though it smells so musty.
The other 3 novels were all written by Emilie Loring.

None of the books are readable, what with the water damage & my allergies to old paper. Yet, I had to buy them because of the cover art. Who needs words with covers like that?


  1. Love the Susanna Hoffs (the Bangles) sideways looks

  2. Susanna of the Bangles! Ah, fabulously perfect reference.
    I now have Walk like an Egyptian & Manic Monday battling it out in my head.

  3. Haha, omg it's SO good & raunchy :D


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