Sunday Smile: Linens on the line

hanging linens on the line makes me smile.

me right after hanging said linens out.

There's something so old-fashioned, so country-living, about hanging clothes & linens out on the laundry line that makes me deeply satisfied.  I needed to air out my comforter & blanket due to a Grace-incident (she decided to roll in mulch & bring it to bed with her). After I strung up the comforter I thought, 'gee, doesn't that look purty?' - or something along those lines. I also convulsed into a coughing spell because I'm still getting over this chest infection - but hey, that didn't ruin the moment. :)

I hope something makes you smile today, too.


  1. So pretty! I understand about the clothes line. I am moving next week and the house we are renting has a clothes line in the back yard. I'm probably more excited about that fact than is normal :)

  2. oh yay! You get your own clothes line! A friend of mine just bought a house & the thing I got most excited about for her, is that it came with a line! hehehe. It's one of the homiest feelings!

  3. Caren that linen is gorgeous!! Where did you find it?

  4. thanks, Thursday! Got it at good old Sears. It's by Esprit, and it had just the right splash of boldness that I needed for my bedroom. :)

  5. I saw these hanging the other day & they totally made me smile!


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