Yard Sale Loot

Last weekend, Astrid & I went to a local animal shelter's yard sale (ARK - Animal Rescue Krew). We scored some great loot! This is why I knew I needed to buy a hatchback vehicle. Much roomier to shove yard sale finds in!

Astrid posed amongst our loot, which includes:
  • Polaroid camera & other vintage cameras
  • pint-sized vintage classroom chair (for my neighbour's little girl)
  • vintage books
  • a Fab tray
  • vintage yellow-orange TV
  • miscellany of vintage industrial/office goodies
  • vintage copper deer & forest scene on a wood plaque

This weekend is full of yard sale goodness, but I'll be sitting it out whilst still in recovery mode of this heinous sicky bug. 
For those who are local, don't forget it's the LAWS (Lakefield Animal Welfare Society) yard sale this weekend! Also, Hope Valley Shelter has their annual yard sale on now. 
Next Saturday is the Gilmour St. gigantic multi-family (I think it's over 100 houses taking part this year) annual yard sale - wear walking shoes & carry a big thermos of coffee!

Ah. Thrifting glory! I hope to get back to health soon, hopefully sooner than later so I can get to the last day of this weekend's crazy-big yard sales. The bonus is that all of the yard sales I enjoy are also fundraisers. Makes it even sweeter. :)

I hope you find some fabulous yard sale loot, too!


  1. Look at all those goodies!!
    Score ;)

  2. Nice finds!
    Found you via So Fawned :)
    We are going to the gilmour street sale this year too! I am so excited.


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