before the carnival opens.

Just down the street from where I live, a carnival is being put up. This is my favourite time of a carny - the building of it. Before any life is put into it, all these colourful/playful objects are just sitting there - waiting. It's somewhat eerie and altogether awesome!

My goddaughter Astrid and my dear friend Karen decided we had to take a peek at the goings on. Astrid & I took our myriad of cameras (Polaroids, Diana, and digital) to see what we could capture.
Here are a few of my favourite shots of 'before the carnival opens':

Astrid posing as a tourist (with her Polaroid strapped on)!

Karen having a sip of a giant slurpy!

My Polaroid OneStep had fun, too!

I might actually try going to the actual 'live' carny, if its open to the public. I want to go on the ferris wheel, eat cotton candy & win a stuffed toy.
~carny caren


  1. If this is the same carnival that I think it is, it is open to the general public around six on friday.

    At least that's when I'm going.
    It could be open soooner.

  2. oh my gosh! that looks like so much fun. I want to crash the crap out of that party!


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