The fun about Etsy Treasury East is...

This is about Etsy.com's Treasury East. And how I like telling a story using images/products from various Etsy sellers. I've only done 4 so far, and sometimes I even update them when something sells just to keep the story alive. Here's the 4 that are currently active:

It's fun to browse through already-favourite Etsy shops & new-found ones alike, to find just the perfect image/item to add to the collection. It can be difficult to find just the right thing to tell the story. 

I had tons of fun with the Stewardess one, which was inspired after re-watching View From the Top & my secret wish that I was a stewardess in the 1960s (plus, the colour combo of navy & white? classic!). The girl and her kittycat was a simple choice, because I've always been the girl who loves cats. Same with the girl preferring the company of books (it really is sometimes nice to just be alone with a book). The one starring a brightly coloured gentleman was more of a whimsy. I love the simplicity of white and how colour pops against a blanched background.

If you're not an Etsy shopper/seller and don't know what a Treasury is, here's some info.

An Etsy addict,

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