I collect things: Fab trays

I am streamlining my collections. In my lifetime, I've collected (at various times) unicorns, thimbles, vintage juice glasses, ceramic vases, vintage mugs, cat ornaments, Bettie Page paraphernalia, comic books, brooches, etcetera etcetera! I already redispersed the unicorns, thimbles, cat ornaments & even destashed some Bettie & comic books.

Right now, I'm trying to declutter and yet continue surrounding myself with things that make me smile & evoke memories/emotions. One of the things I've been amassing is Fab trays. I love their '70s aesthetic & punches of colour. I've always wanted to display them, and finally, I can do so in my studio. I haven't hung them yet, but just look at them sitting pretty on top of the couch. Hello bold florals!

This is what you'll read on the labels of Fab products:

A "Fab" Product - "Fab" is for Fabric
"Yes, the pattern that you see is actually a carefully chosen decorator's fabric that has been sealed in a clear polyester composition. The surface is mark proof, stain and alcohol resistant, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Avoid rough handling - this product is quite durable but is not unbreakable. Exposure to excessive heat may cause warping."
Handcrafted in Barrie, Canada by Hardy-Glenwood Products

They were extremely popular in the early '70s. So much so that at their peak nearly 1000/day were made and dispersed to Canadian & U.S.A. retail shops.  I remember seeing Fab trays when I was a little girl, which is probably where my urge to collect them came from. Brings back happy childhood memories.
~collectin' caren


  1. Those trays are super cute! I also am a collector of many things, so I can appreciate your desire to amass. I can also appreciate your desire to purge and display your treasures!

  2. I too have collected things and then let go of them...currently I am trying to declutter.

  3. This sounds awesome, but you've still got your comic stuff, right? That stuff's important!

  4. I just picked up an 8th Fab tray yesterday. This time in a groovy neon blue & orange colour combo! And so the collection grows. :)

    I thought I did a good job of decluttering during the yard sale, but it looks like I could host another one!

    Visitorium - Kevey!! I definitely still have my comic books; they're what make me cool. I may purge a little now & then, but I do believe there's always about 2,000++ of them at any given time. :D

  5. Wonderful! I have the tray furthest to the right, 18" size, plus a set of coasters that match it. I adore Fab trays and grew up with them as well. Forced myself to stop collecting at 8 trays, a set of coasters, and a small sample tray that I used to keep my jewelry together. I'd really like a few more though...

  6. hi my name is terri and i have at least twenty trays i too am a collector of things. i just love these trays i have them displayed in my house on top of my kitchen cupboards along with my other collectibles. i have been able to find the fab trays in oval shape they are so cool. i am so happy to find someone else who see's their beauty. thanks terri

  7. hi,enjoyed your site. and comments. I am a snior ,trying to declutter and I have a "fab" tray to sell. Are u interested or do u know where i could go? I live in burnaby b.c. Thanks for your time in advance. Dee

  8. sorry, forgot to mention,it is item # 635,thanks


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