i ♥ my blue umbrella

I got an umbrella for my backyard. I coveted the pink one my neighbour recently purchased and so popped over to our local Jysk to copycat her style. My eyes fell upon the blue version and it was instant love.

I already had a cast iron base to put the umbrella in, but it was a boring bland green. I could not bear to put my new blue umbrella in such a dull apparatus! So I ventured to our local Canadian Tire & bought the prettiest blue spray paint I could find (also ended up getting orange & yellow too). I spent the afternoon spray painting the dull green metal base, refreshing it to a delicious aqua blue, and setting up my new blue umbrella.

Next up? Spray painting the 2 chairs the same aqua blue.  I have so many objects I want to freshen up with a spray of bright, bold colour! This could be a new addiction...

~colour-crazy caren


  1. Oohhhh, pretty!! I'd love a little shaded spot in the backyard. Maybe next year.

  2. Dude. YOUR umbrella stand thing = WAY cute than my plastic one filled with rocks from the driveway!

  3. I love your blue umbrella too! I also love the baby blue stand! too cute!

  4. Des, spray paint is the best thing ever - and there's a Hybrid made by Krysol that's specifically for plastic! Awesome colours.

    Thursday, I have full sun pretty much all the time out the back so am hoping this little umbrella gives me a break from the heat. The umbrella was only $29 at Jysk which is such a steal! :)

    Homespun, thank you! Can you tell I love blue? hehehe.


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