Mr. Robin

I call him Mr. Robin (no idea if he's a he or a she, but I always think of robins as misters). He owns my Serviceberry tree. He's the only robin that comes to munch on the berries. He does not allow any other bird to eat those tempting red berries.

I have a love/hate relationship with the dapper little fellow. I love that I get to watch & interact with him every day, but bemoan the fact that he scares away the delightful Chickadee or the whimsical Cedar Waxwing (this bird is my favourite of all birds & I actually planted the Serviceberry specifically to attract the waxwing). So, you can see how I could be miffed at Mr. Robin. He is a bit of a territorial jerk.

But he's my backyard jerk, and he likes to pose for the camera so I guess it's okay. :)


  1. he's a beauty! birds bring me such happiness! they're such lively little homely creatures.

  2. I'm surprised he's not fatter if he has the whole tree to himself. He must have been an only child bird.

  3. Great photos! We have a Mr. Robin who hangs out in the maple that overhangs our deck. We don't notice him unless he's picked up a worm for the kids. Then he sits in the tree, calling to them until they show up. He shows a lot of patience--sometimes they take so long, I'd think he'd just eat the worm himself!

  4. Lovely photos and really interesting story! We have a bird that loves to sit on our balcony. We see him so often, we gave him a name. Next thing we knew, he started to bring "friends" over. The other day, there was about 6 birds perched on our balcony. It's nice because we get to hear little birds chirping away. :)


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