a perfect day: birds

It is the perfect day.
Bright blue skies,
Cheerful breeze,
Nature all a'twitter!

The osprey is a delight. A mated pair come back to my 'hood every year. This one is hunting for lunch (I kept a watch on Grace!).

A female purple finch (and her colourful mate, not pictured) were munching on some seedpods.

A bird posed a while, quite prettily! I have as of yet identified this bird. Anyone know? I thought at first it was a waxwing.

This is my idea of a perfect day. The weather is clear, bright, breezy (not hot, not humid, just right!). Nature is active, showing off what it's got. I love birds, so the fact the birds were aplenty made my morning walk extra-special. It's a day where you feel anything is possible. If I could, I would go on a road trip; it's that kind of day.
I hope your day is equally enchanting, in whatever way that takes shape.

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  1. Hi Caren-

    The last one looks like a Cedar Waxwing to me as well. Hope your day is special.



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