Sunday Smile: Cat in Luggage

I had to take a photo of Strongpaw checking out my newly thrifted 1960s luggage set; it definitely made me smile! Good to know they are cat approved. Not that she likes to travel, mind you. She just likes to look stylish.

~Caren, who loves her vintage floral luggage set!


  1. hehe, all cats like suitcases...ours, too....no idea why though :)

    the luggage set is gorgeous!

  2. Caren! Where in the heck did you find those?! A-mazing!!

  3. Frau, it is so true that the kitties love their luggage, boxes, or anything they can get into. Just one of many wonderfully quirky things I love about cats :)

    thursday, scored at a rained out yard sale Saturday! I didn't even realize it was a 5 piece set until they said 'oh, you'll want the other 4, won't you?'. glee!

  4. Ha! Omg I definitely thought that was Kahlo to begin with!

  5. Ours do this, too--vintage or not--and boxes, paper bags, any space that's a bit too small and very cozy. :)

  6. cute luggage and cute kitty!


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