Tuesday is for Etsy: a little pyrex love

This week's Tuesday is for Etsy is dedicated to the fine art of Pyrex bowls:

A photo I took of a friend's counter-top display of colour-infused Pyrex bowls.

Here's a few fab Pyrex related items I found on Etsy:

Set of 2 Spring Blossoms by The Vintage Apartment (yes, shameless self promotion!)

Pyrex is easy to love/covet!


  1. Very nice! I'm still thrilled with some Pyrex ice cream bowls (scalloped edge in lime green!) that I found on the weekend. Love, love love :)

  2. gorgeous! Ive been hankering after blue melamine cups myself :-)

  3. Pyrex ice cream bowls? Oh, yum!

    I found some blue melamine dessert dishes the other day, but passed them by. Oh, how I regret! I may go back & see if they're still there. There was also set of orange melamine teacups... also regret not getting those! ah, the thrift finds we pass by, how they eat at the soul. ;)

  4. Oh, the print is darling...love pyrex. Just found your blog and will follow, fellow Etsian. :)

  5. Hi Tina! Lovely to meet a fellow vintage Etsian & blogger! Love your blog & shop - following both now. :)


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