Tuesday is for Etsy: Tea & Cupcakes!

Tea & Cupcakes? Yes, please!

Vintage cupcake S&P shakers by pirate's b00ty

The Easy Bake Oven Cupcake (vegan) by The Chocolate Muffin

I love my teatime, and it's even better if there's a cupcake on hand.
I am obviously not alone in the tea and cupcake lovefest, as Etsy.com has a multitude of related items! Whether it's a real cupcake (regional sales only), a piece of artwork or a vintage knick knack, those of you who revel in tea & cupcakes will always find something sweet at Etsy!
~cupcake caren
p.s. it's okay to substitute a cupcake with a slice of cake (this is what I did last night when I baked a marble bundt cake)


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