Weekend Project: shelving

Yesterday, a sunny & lovely Friday, I decided to accomplish something that has been on my To Do List (part of Operation: Organization). I threw myself into it, spending a total of about 5 hours to complete the preliminary work. Today, I installed the shelving - completing something that I've been wanting to do for months. Happy!

The task: To reinvent some old shelving I had. Turn unfinished knotty pine shelves & galvanized metal tracking into something fresh for my new office space.

The tools: 
  • B.I.N. primer (needed to properly cover the knots in the pine)
  • Cloud White paint
  • Orange spray paint
  • 2 unfinished 8" deep x 3' wide knotty pine shelves
  • 2 galvanized steel shelving tracks
  • 4 8" steel shelving brackets
  • Level
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stud finder
This is the photo journey of my DIY weekend:

Did all the painting outside as it was all toxic stuff. Grace, of course, had to "help".

Afterwards, my neighbour popped over for a visit & her daughter thought it was quite the playground!

Wearing masks can be sexy.

The drill! I ♥ my Makita.

Hammering in the necessary drywall plugs where no wall studs were found.

The stud finder! A girl's best friend.

Finished product! I am so happy with the results! Blue & orange are fab together.

To prove I did a good job, here's a shot of the level on a newly installed shelf. Not bad, eh?

I cannot wait to fill these new shelves with some of my favourite things! I have so many drawings of how I wanted my finished office to look, and while it is coming along quite beautifully, this was one of the main aspects to the redesign. I have one more shelf to hang, an Ikea LACK shelf that has a fresh coat of Cloud White paint on it. 
I'll be doing more blog posts about the continuing saga that is Operation: Organization! :)
~Caren, who totally deserves an ice cream!


  1. A) you are super handy
    B) this reminds me of the shelves that I also need to install very soon!

  2. yes, any task that involves a level should definately be rewarded with ice cream!
    Happy weekend to you!


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