What's on my nightstand?

Thought I'd depart from the usual, and shine a light on my nightstand! Particularly the stack of books to be found there. And one magazine. I didn't realize just how many books I have on the go all at once until I stacked them neatly:

June 2010 Chatelaine

I've been having a hard time concentrating on books of late, which is why so many are on the go all at once. Pride & Prejudice works best whilst being read in a bubble bath, which I don't do so much of in the summer. The School of Essential Ingredients is a very light read, a lot of which is food-oriented which I can get behind. The Collection is a new one to me, and I was entranced by the idea of peeking into the world of Parisian fashion circa World War 1. I snatched The Naughty Secretary Club from mygirlthursday during our combined yard sale (I'm interested in learning how to make necklaces). And this month's issue of Chatelaine was necessary simply because I enjoy perusing magazines (particularly Canadian-based ones). Voila! An admittedly female-centric pile of reading material! (I have a stack of comic books sitting across the room, though, to keep me grounded in geekery!)
What's on your reading list?


  1. pride and prejudice!!!!! also, i recommend pride and prejudice and zombies, if you haven't read it already. it's great

  2. Celeste, I keep meaning to pick up a copy of the Zombie one! Thanks for the recommend :)
    I read Mr. Darcy, Vampyre last year but found it lacking (quite dull & not at all bloody or sexy which let's face it, that's what we want when there's vampires involved!).


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