Wishing I could Donnybrook...

In response to a recent post by mygirlthursday regarding a local  (Warkworth, Ontario) annual giant auction/thrifting event called the Donnybrook (for serious thrifters only!), I thought I'd put together my Thrift Want List like thursday did 'cause she inspired me so!

These are the pretties I'd be after if I were to make it to the Donnybrook this Saturday evening:

Any orange typewriter will do!

{source: flickr} Cathrineholm enamelware!

{source: flickr} Vintage cameras!

{source: Kerry Beary} basically, anything seen in her art or in this photo!

{source: doe c doe} Vintage magazines with pretty pictures!

My eyes would lock with anything Mid Century Modern (oh, those Danish clean lines!). Industrial vintage chic would also be on my radar. If any summer frocks in my size came into view, I'd snatch those up too.

What would you be diving for at a town-wide auction/flea market? Or is it just too much to fathom?

Sadly, I doubt I'll be attending the Donnybrook so this post is for the dreamer in me (I'm always hunting for the elusive Cathrineholm designs!). One year, though, I will make it there and I will come home with a car full of vintage glory. :)
~dreamy-eyed caren


  1. Nice list Caren! There will definitely be typewriters. Many to be found each year.

  2. Well here's hoping I can make it next year & grab me an orange typewriter!
    Every year something comes up that puts an end to the Donnybrook dream (but of course, it is annual, so the dream can never truly die). :)

  3. Caren I like you blog, esp you last piece of visual poetry about the sudden rainstorm. I read and experienced it twice. It was like I was there.
    Just recently I wrote a blog post on Dumpdiggers chronicling the 55th Warkworth Donnybrook auction complete with lots of pictures. I hope it moves you as much as your post transported me.


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