The Yard Sale

from top left: the yard sale crew, my cowgirl hat which didn't sell, yard sale stuff, Little G hanging out, Astrid hanging with cute dogs, visiting dog Ellie & my Gracie became fast friends.

Yesterday, the girls of Ross Street East City hosted a seriously big Yard & Bake Sale. It ended up being a veritable Who's Who of the Blogosphere & of Twitterborough (term used to describe the Peterborough twitter crew). Mostly, though, it was a whole heckuva lot of fun (with a heaping spoonful of hard work). 

I didn't have time to take too many photographs, and admittedly most of the snaps were of the adorable miniature long-haired Dachshund named Ellie who visited (and with whom Grace immediately bonded with). We were all enamoured with dear little one-blue-eyed Ellie!

The purpose of the day was for the 3 hostesses (Desiree, Chantilly & myself) to clean house. But to do so in style & with baked goods & vintage charm. I think we succeeded in all areas! 

With the added help of dear friend Karen (indispensable help!) and Astrid (kept little Grace entertained), I was able to get 1/2 of my belongings out to the front of the house & sell sell sell! Mostly, though, I think I socialized. I ended up selling all of my chocolate chip cookies, too (okay, I kept one box to disperse amongst ourselves, too).

Nearly every year that I've lived at this address, I've hosted a yard sale. Never one this big, of course! I had so many repeat visitors from last year, that it was a delightful trip down memory lane. I hardly had time to have visits with peeps because of how hopping the sale was (sorry if I seemed to be ignoring you!).

None of us brought anything back in our perspective houses. We dispersed with everything that didn't sell by either leaving some out for free overnight (the TV, 1960s metal/particle board folding table & the litter box were all taken!) or bringing to a drop off spot for charity to resell.

Thanks to my co-hostesses-with-the-mostestest & to my lovely helpers! Thanks to my friends (old & new) who visited (and bought my stuff!). It was a beautiful day.
~tired kitty caren


  1. Eee! LOVE the photos -- things really went fabulously!

  2. If only I lived closer! Looks like it was an awesome event!

  3. Sounds like a really fun time! I want to have a really cute fun yard sale too now!


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