celebrating Canada

I'm a Canadian. I have a beaver for a national symbol. I haven't had a cool Prime Minister since (or before) Pierre Trudeau. I think it's neat that our country's flag has a big red maple leaf on it. I like hockey.  I get a kick out of the fact Superman was co-created by a Canadian. I don't like beer overly much, though.

I created a couple of Canada Day themed Etsy Treasuries yesterday; felt extra creative using Canada as my focal point! Here's what I came up with:

beaver brooch by touch the dutch (Toronto, Ontario!)

Leaf wall wear by neawear (Montreal, Quebec!)

Today is Canada Day. I'll be celebrating it in little ways. Visiting with friends, working in my garden, possibly eating poutine, taking my dog for a walk ... nothing out of the ordinary, but I will revel in the fact that I live in a country full of nature & diversity! I might even track down some beavers & pay homage to their bucktoothed majesty.

If you're Canadian, I hope your day is extra special - even in the little things - because we really do live in a pretty fabulous country.
~Canadian Caren


  1. Sweeeet! Thanks so much for having me on your blog!! :D
    Happy Canada Day!!

  2. Hip hip hurray Canada! I love all your tribute to Canada treasuries and ideas. I love Canada too. What a great country!

  3. Love your post! Happy Canada Day Caren!

  4. This morning while making coffee I noticed on my horse calendar that it was Canada Day and I thought hmmm... I think I now "know" two Canadian friends (blogging friends)...Caren from buttercupped and Sydney from Bit to Bitless. I hope you had a wonderful day! Love the picks - I adore gingham!


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