Etsy Front Page ♥ Misty Mountain Morning

Thanks to Dollface Deville, something from The Vintage Apartment made it to Etsy's front page!

This vintate orange-yellow glass pitcher was the handpicked item de jour:

Etsy's front page screen capture via CraftCult.com
Misty Mountain Morning (the Treasury Dollface created that Etsy picked for the front page)

Dollface Deville creates the most lovely of handmade functional accessories/jewelry. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Juliet mesh cap (and yes, I also love the old school tats!)

You can find Dollface Deville on Facebook & Twitter, too!
Dollface is a fellow Canadian, from the lovely province of Alberta. yay Etsy Canada! :)

Dollface Deville is a fellow member of an Etsy Team: Curation Nation. This particular treasury/front page was a Curation Nation treasury. So, kudos to the Team!
Visit the Curation Nation blog! They Twitter, too!

It's always an extra special treat when The Vintage Apartment finds its way to Etsy's front page. This is why I always do a little blog post honouring the Etsian who got me there. Thank you Dollface Deville! (and Curation Nation!)


  1. congrats on making the front page! you have a cute shop!

  2. hello godo & thanks! I enjoy your vintage shop, too! That little Otagiri fox is a delight (http://www.etsy.com/listing/45298977/otagiri-fox).

  3. congrats on the front page!

    i just saw I was in the ETSY email.. only becuase I checked analytics and could not fgure where there were 2,500 views in one day. ha

    love your blog and shop. you have a new follower.


  4. Oh yay! Being in the Etsy email is the best thing for any Etsy shop! I was in one a bit ago (but forgot to blog about it). I think I squealed in happiness that day. :)
    Thanks so much for your kind comments! Looks like I just became your 100th blog follower!


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