Etsy Front Page ♥ Opendoor Studio

The Vintage Apartment had an early morning visit to Etsy.com's front page today!
As is my ritual, here is a post extoling the virtues of the person who got me there: Opendoor Studio!
Here's the pretty vintage amber cups that were featured in the treasury chosen for the front page:

The lovely treasury that Opendoor Studio curated:

Opendoor Studio is an Illinois based vintage Etsy shop owned by Martha.
Her shop has oodles of unique vintage/antique goodies. But that's not the only Etsy shop Martha runs!
This is one gal who wears many hats! Go check 'em all out.

Here's a couple of my faves from Martha's Opendoor Studio vintage shop:

I'm a sucker for the 1970s! I could see both of the above being used in the same home office space. Couldn't you?
p.s. This treasury is also a part of Curation Nation, an Etsy Team focused on creating pretty treasuries.


  1. CAREN
    thank you for your kind write up! you are the best!!!

  2. You're welcome Martha! It's such a treat to get on the front page of Etsy, so the least I can do is give back a little to those who get me there. :)

  3. yay congrats!! i hope you got a bunch of sales and hearts :)

  4. Congrats on FP! Love her shop, too!


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