Etsy Front Page ♥ Wooden Nickels

The Vintage Apartment found its way to the front page of Etsy.com once again, thanks to the very lovely & talented Yvonne of Wooden Nickels.

The Mutual Punch was featured, and sold immediately! yay!

The very fabulous geek chic office treasury that Yvonne created.

Not only is Yvonne a talented artisan, but she is also one of the Curation Nation Team Leaders. Curation Nation is an Etsy Team that I'm a member of (happily), where we focus on creating appealing treasuries (in the hopes of being chosen by Etsy to be on the front page). So far, in our short existence, our Team has had quite a few front page exposure! Go Team! :)

Yvonne makes unique handmade jewelry. I love that she uses found objects & upcycles them into something pretty, fun, & wearable! Not only that, but Wooden Nickels also donates 5% of every sale to the American Cancer Society.

Here's a few of my favourite items that Yvonne has creatively created!

My life is an Open Book (wooden spool & charm necklace)

My favorite Color is Orange (repurposed pencil necklace)


Thanks Yvonne, for getting me a sale!


  1. Holy moly Caren, if this is what I get when you make a sale, I'm going to be your permanate PR person! Thank you sweets. Now, go check out her Etsy shop - you won't be disappointed.

  2. Very cool...on the front page and Wooden Nickles!

  3. I love Yvonne's jewelry, it is so sweet!


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