♥ Etsy Front Page!

my treasury found its way to Etsy.com's front page(!!)

{it was an alternate pick, but also one of the inspirations behind the treasury!}

I'm pretty thrilled to (finally) have one of my treasuries picked for Etsy's front page. It's a big deal, in the world of Etsy (at least for me!).

A big shout out to Curation Nation (the Etsy Team I'm a member of), for making this little Etsy dream of mine come true!

Congrats to everyone involved on getting a little extra attention via this safari. :)
~a giddy Caren


  1. congrats! that's awesome :)

  2. NOICE! I remember the rush of excitement the first time one of my treasuries hit the FP. I refreshed the page a gazillion times.

  3. WOOO! Congrats on the AMAZING treasury.


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