i ♥ my flying Polaroid

polaroid of a polaroid

taken with my Sun600 LMS Polaroid, using Impossible Project's Edge Cut film.
taken of my OneStep SX70 rainbow Polaroid.
this is also on my Flickr (without any doodling)

can you feel the Polaroid love? :)
Linked over at the lovely Much Love Monday!


  1. definitely, I can feel the polaroid love! Such a cute blog you have missy!

  2. thank you Lulu!
    i ♥ your name! :)

  3. lovely! I'm asking for some film from Impossible Project for my birthday :) I'm hoping to get 2 or 3 packs *fingers crossed*

    Have you liked it so far?

  4. I've used both their TZ Artistic for the SX70 pictured above, and the limited (out of stock) Edge Cut for my 600. I LOVE the Edge Cut. I wish they had more! The TZ Artistic is different for everyone, I think - for me, it's got a lot of blue overtones & strange yellowing. But, that's part of the fun/art!

    I definitely recommend Impossible. They rock! I'm going to get some of their PX film next. :)

    It's definitely worth your while, btw, to get a few packs at a time! Specially for the extra birthday spoilage. :)

  5. Hello there lovely, I just stumbled across your blog from Anna's and I have fallen in love!
    I love the concept behind your blog title, too, it's so unique and adorable.

    I'm investing in some Impossible film for my birthday, too. Thanks for letting me know it's worth it, cause my 600 is DYING to be taken out and used again. It hasn't been worked since the seventies, poor thing.

    It would mean the world to me if you could give my little blog a looksee, I'm finding you a very inspirational blogger, and I would simply adore to hear back from you.

    Hope you are having a truly wonderful day, my doll!

    Oh, and P.S. I am your 100th Follower! Huzzah!

  6. yay Norah! Huzzah indeed! :)
    I popped over to your blog & found it to be a plethora of photographic & personal perplexity (ok, so I felt like using a lot of Ps) - I look forward to following your journey! Anyone who loves Audrey Hepburn as much as I do is immediately enveloped in my buttercuppery world :)


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